What The Video Lounge has to say about Filming on location in Uganda

Uganda’s lush green beauty and fantastic weather put this region on the map as far as filming on location goes. Some film locations of note are

  • Lake Victoria – the 2nd largest lake in the world
  • The Nile River – the longest river in the world
  • National parks – world renowned for their gorillas and chimpanzees
  • Murchison Falls – a true wonder situated on The Nile
  • Rwenzori Mountain Range – with 3 of Africa’s highest peaks

Film permits

Obtain Accreditation from the Uganda Media Council for all international journalists and film crew by completing Form G and emailing it with 2 passport photos and a copy of your passport. This costs under $200 per person if you are filming for less than a month and takes less than 4 days to process.